Coordinator / Project Manager

עדכון אחרון:08-01-2018
היקף משרה: מלאה
ישוב: תל אביב
אזור: מרכז
איש/אשת קשר: מירה אדלשטיין
חברה / משק: אקופיס המזרח התיכון
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Good Water Neighbors Education Coordinator / Project Manager
Overall responsibility
Manage, coordinate, develop and supervise EcoPeace's environmental peacebuilding education projects.

Key areas of responsibility
1. Development and implementation of educational material for Youth Water Trustees.
2. Management, training and evaluation of basin coordinators work with Water Trustee Groups and Youth Activities, including:
• Establishment of the connection with schools and yearly planning for each school
• Monthly activities – quantity and quality
• Eco facility buildings.
• Campaigns.
• Enrichment and empowerment of basin coordinators.
3. Schedule, organization, coordination, content planning and management of cross-border youth activities/ camps, and youth basin tours.
4. Schedule, organization, coordination, content planning and management of National and cross-border teacher trainings.
5. Enhancing connection with Ministry of Education, school principals and teachers through meetings and seminars.
6. Presenting youth programs at conferences and other forums.
7. Strategic planning and coordination with the Palestinian and Jordanian Education Coordinators and with other project managers as needed.
8. Collecting materials for reporting on activities in a timely manner.
9. Developing the Alumni program, maintaining the network, connection and promotion of talented individuals.

1. B.A. in education, environmental science, geography, life sciences or other relevant degree.
2. Significant experience in teaching and/or guiding groups
3. Significant experience in writing and developing lesson plans and educational programs for formal / informal educational frameworks
4. Bilingual proficiency in English
5. Good interpersonal relations and ability to work well in a team
6. Good leadership skills
7. Good organizational skills and creativity
8. Willingness to work on weekends from time to time
9. Management experience - significant advantage
10. Experience in planning and executing youth camps - significant advantage
11. Knowledge of Arabic - advantage
12. M.A. - advantage
13. Certified guide by the Ministry of Education or certified tour guide - advantage

Please send CV's to Mira Edelstein by January 15, 2018.
Include a cover letter, explaining why you think you are suitable for the position - and include 2 written references with contact details.